HP might have a shot…

Been saying for some time that I think HP might be the only one with a chance to bust into the tablet ranks with something competitive. It won’t be RIM – the playbook stinks and is a big waste of time for RIM since while they work on that their core business is falling apart. Android might be crushing it with phone sales but the tablet stuff looks lacking so far in comparison to the iPad.

However HP sees the reason to control the stack, just like Apple, and given the WebOS assets coupled with their ability to control hardware – HP could ship something compelling.


The latest news might be the smartest move yet – Apple clearly is not behind Facebook with their Twitter move and Facebook might be looking for a chance to back someone else in the tablet arms race.

Looks like they just did with this news – http://techcrunch.com/2011/06/27/facebook-tablet-app-hp-touchpad/

It is pretty smart of both HP and Facebook since FB would love to upset Apple a bit and HP would love to have the jesus app to pull people in. We shall see…

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