Seven Billion Humans – a pic…

Leave it to the Lex column in the FT to put a fresh spin on everything.

This one popped out at me due to the implications on investments/money:

The notion that government is not really keeping up with the people – just look at occupy wall street and some of the middle east uprisings as a clear sign of that. Throw in more social media, more communication and this trend in my mind can only accelerate. I wonder when China will feel it?

Second one was such a good point in that as big as Apple might be – 95% of the planet has not touched an Apple product. You think the shares are high now?

Being a fan of trying to do biz in emerging markets the third point was telling in that markets are getting bigger, easier to access and the talent pool is growing not shrinking.

The world is changing in a big way.

Sure there is the environment calamities – look at Thailand for a stark example of this but knowing how Thailand is operated I think most of it will be shown to be self inflicted. What I mean by this they mismanaged the damns, paved over all the canals to build malls/apartments and responded slowly to the threat. Water must be managed.

Energy policies need to change but I think some common sense – use more natural gas and the rise of technology will find a way to end the oil mess.

Technology will keep getting more sophisticated but yet more accessible all the time – look at these trends: codify and code academy for examples.

As for the financial mess – not sure I know what to say but clearly we have a problem. The rich are accelerating their wealth at a time when the poor are worse off and the middle class is shrinking. Something is wrong but I don’t know the answer. However something will break.

Good luck to the newest members of planet earth – it’s an interesting era indeed.