To the Doers…

Been a busy couple of weeks with work, events and some good old-fashioned networking. Say what you will about social networking, great tool – the real meat of networking is meeting real people, bonding and discussing things – yes things.

I covered some of my activity here.

Hats off to viki for their huge round of funding:

Heard about this site today – looks cool:

I attended this last night and met some folks from Ubisoft – I didn’t realize they were so big in Singapore.

Did you know that this is engineered in Singapore? Was cool to meet Steve from Chumby last night as well.

All in all – a lot of activity in Singapore but you have to dig past the headlines and the events to find the real doers – the folks building companies, heading up multi-national operations and the other peeps running around to ensure the ecosystem takes off. I have every faith that it will – just a matter of time.

Back to work..








TechVenture2011, Accelerate, FoundersDrinks & Tim Draper Singing in Singapore…

Had an action packed Friday this past week with lots of events going on.

First up was accelerate day at TechVenture2011. I attended the full conference at TV2010 and was even at some of the VIP events but this year I was too late getting back from the states so was only able to make the accelerate part of the event.

The main thrust of accelerate besides the speakers is the pitches from various startups in the region looking for cash.

You can check twitter #techventure and #accel2011 for the stream. Some good info in there…

I can’t say I saw something drop dead cool or must have but there was a number of solid offerings. In general though you can see how Singapore keeps evolving and is becoming quite the hotbed of startup and venture activity for Asia. I still feel that apart from China and India – Singapore and SEA is the other main place in the APAC to get it going  on.

Probably my highlight for the day was getting to hear Tim Draper of speak twice. Once during the day at accelerate and once at night during FoundersDrinks. I was very impressed with his down to earth style, his poignant examples of business, and his gracious openness with the crowds. He answered a lot of questions and stuck around to talk to pretty much anyone who wanted to chat with him. It was not what I was expecting and I was pleasantly surprised. He shared a few Steve Jobs stories which was very cool. He made some interesting points about how powerful Steve was about changing the world and how is passing will leave a big hole to be filled within the industry.

I must say I was totally shocked during the evening event when Tim performed a song he had written about the venture industry.

I happened to record it with my iPhone – you can catch it here on Vimeo. I have not seen someone this famous from the tech industry belt out in song like that. Props.

Tim had some great points about how this is the best time ever to get started building something – he adamantly encouraged folks to ignore the downturn, the pessimism and to launch full in into building things and changing the world. It was welcome advice given the state of the world these days.

Thanks Tim for coming to Singapore and imparting your wisdom, positive attitude and your song on us!

Tim shared some book suggestions – one was “the startup game” – I would link to it from amazon but I can’t get logged in. 😉

Tomorrow I hope to check Startup Weekend Singapore and JFDI.


iOS 5 spotted in Singapore

I arrived at 1am this morning and  with plenty of jet lag on tap I decided to get going on the new iOS 5 download.

Download was about 90 mins from Singapore – kind of long. Apple needs to host some bits around here.

Sync. Backup. New OS and then restore. Wait – it says my restore needs a password for the encryption. I never encrypted it. Damn.

Did a freshie – no restore. Pain in the ass but I have had no issues. Just took some time to get everything set up again. Kind of a nice way to start over though.

Love the notifications. So much cleaner and easier to deal with.

iMessage is awesome.

Things feel snappier.

Not sure on iCloud yet. Need more testing.

Love the camera from lock screen access.

Battery life looks good.

Need to play more.

Maybe upgrade the iPad tonight.

Macbook Air upgraded but have yet to play with it.

more soon…

I want an iPhone 4S I think…

Where were you when you heard about Steve Jobs?

I remember when I was kid while sitting in a car outside a laundry-mat having a radio station interrupt some music to announce Elvis was dead. As a kid I was a huge fan of Elvis.  I was stunned. All I could think to do was cry.

I was standing outside of Fry’s in Palo Alto waiting for a co-worker to pick me up when I read the tweet. Steve Jobs had just passed away. We all knew this day would come but none of us were ready for it. I was stunned. Sad. Suddenly lonely.

When my friend picked me up I told him and said let’s go to the Apple Store in Palo Alto. I have been needing a new laptop for personal use and figured what better time to buy. So I grabbed a MacBook Air.

For me I will always remember where I was when I heard about SJ and I will always think about him when I use my Air.