Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Singapore and now Kuala Lumpur

Been a roving madman lately. Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, back to Singapore and now in KL.

Some events and stuff to be aware of. Today and tomorrow is BarCamp KL –

In Vietnam we were on a MSFT .Net tour showing Yahoo! integration.

See some of that here (Go Jimmi):

Next big thing I am working on is Yahoo’s! presence at Echelon –

Should be an awesome event for the region – I suggest if you are in the area to come.

At BarCamp KL we are also doing TWIA live – should be fun. Stay tuned!

Food for thought: – more on that later.


iPad frenzy!

This post will have very little to do with the iPad. I can’t get one in Sing yet and I will be waiting till I can. If you want to read more about the iPad check out this article from GigaOM. I think it is a good take on how the iPad will change computing – simple as that.

Was hanging with some friends last night chilling, talking and socializing – something people just don’t do enough of these days. Hardly any of us was checking our phones, blackberries or devices of taste. We are all in tech but I think we choose to turn it off when it makes sense so. Usually that is never enough but such is life in this fast paced world.

Lawrence_of_Arabia_Brough_Superior_gifI am always interested in vintage stuff and offline experiences. Motorcycles are a good example of that for me – I gear up, go on a long ride and just unhook from the wired world. I was strolling through my FT Weekend yesterday and came across this article about a guy reviving the Brough Superior motorcycle. For those who may not know what this bike is – might try watching Lawrence of Arabia – this is the bike the real T.E. Lawrence rode.

Well it seems a team of folks are recreating Brough Superior bikes to their original look and feel but with new technology. They are touring with some show bikes and these things look amazing. I could imagine that the coolest adventure in the world would be to buy one and go around the world. Heaven on earth for me.

Instead I will go back to tech product design, daydreaming about my BMW in Bangkok and be happy to be alive.