Seed stage

There is always lots of ways to raise funds and lots of places one can raise from but I also think it’s important to choose wisely when you are at the start of growth and have a need for capital.

That being said – I love this Fred Wilson post ::

Low volume, high conviction, and high support.

Work goals…

I love how they describe themselves as “a low-volume, high-conviction, high-support investor.” That is who you want at your side when you are starting a business. There are a number of those types of firms out there, USV is one, Bonfire is another, and there are plenty more. But there are also plenty of the other variety; high volume, low conviction, can’t get them on the phone when you need them investors. So finding a high conviction investor to lead your seed or Srs A round is ideal and we have one more VC firm like that now.

Thinking about tools

I take stock now and then on all the tools I use across phone and laptop to get work done. I should have done a better job of this over the years to see the evolution.


  • MSFT Office (It will never go away)
  • Slack (years)
  • Google Docs/Drive
  • Safari, FF, Chrome
  • Mars Edit (new one to me but love it)
  • WordPress (years)
  • PasteBot (new to me)
  • Evernote (years)
  • Fantastical
  • Dropbox
  • Airtable (custom stuff for work)


  • MSFT Office
  • Slack
  • Google Docs/Drive
  • Safari – every once in a while I use Chrome
  • WordPress – wish there was Mars Edit for iOS
  • Evernote
  • Fantastical
  • Dropbox
  • Expensify (must have)
  • Airtable

I think that is all the core stuff.

Nice thing about all of these tools is they run from the cloud mostly so setting up on a new machine or phone is pretty simple and can work from anywhere.

Experimenting with Discord/Telegram

Update :: In trying to manage firewalls and make group voice chats easier – I am also messing with discord –


Been a regular blogger for years – it serves a purpose for me. I get to write and some people read it.

I love twitter but my reach is pretty weak.

I never got into Snapchat and I don’t use Facebook or Instagram much.

People use chat a ton.

With that premise I thought I would experiment with telegram supergroups – the idea is have a place to share and chat but with a slightly different goal than most.

In my own life and work I try to connect people with other people I know to help folks find jobs, solve a business problem, land a customer or raise funds – not just from SeedPlus either.

It’s the new always on version of pay it forward. Will it work or get used? I don’t know but I think it’s worth a shot.

Come join if interested ::