Russell heads to TechCrunch

Wow. Been hearing rumors of lots of things changing at The Next Web and now we see Jon has left. Not much else to say other than congrats on the new gig. Interesting to see TechCrunch expansion in Asia and where Jon will take the coverage going forward.

Jon – just let me know when you want your first interview. 😉

Have fun on your trip!

Android First


The prevailing wisdom is to generally ship iOS first when it comes to mobile apps. However in certain circumstances when the region and the needs permit it, I think it can make more sense to go with Android first.

I met the team while mentoring at JFDI and have been fortunate to stick with them past the program while they raise money and launch their product on a wider scale.

If you look at their target market – Thailand, the Android tools available to them and the fact that payments are not the first focus, then it makes complete sense to go Android first.

Yes – they have plans for iOS but at the moment they are rocking the Android charts and people are noticing.

Will try to interview Sam at some point for the blog.