(LINK) How Naveen Keeps Track

Lots to glean from this. I used to run a private blog and may go back to it. For some reason I stopped saving URL’s but Apple notes works well for me now. Also love the new reminders.

Still don’t have a great personal CRM but giving HiHello a try.

Welcome to another issue of superorganizers! We explore how the smartest people in the world organize what they know to do their best work. If you’re not a subscriber, you can get more interviews like this in your inbox by clicking here. Naveen keeps track.
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(LINK) The China Cultural Clash – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

I don’t subscribe anymore to his newsletter so I am thankful this post is one of his public ones.

My beef has always been the simple premise that China is allowed to buy whatever they want overseas but they don’t allow me the same access in China.

They also don’t allow me to build and ship any product I want into China but yet with TikTok they want to build and ship to any country they want.

This NBA thing is the next facet to this issue – China can do whatever they want to control information in China but now they want to control information in other countries. I think they overplayed their hand here.

Let’s hope the global backlash grows and we get more companies and people speaking out like the NBA did.

The China Cultural Clash – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

Interesting how Ben talked about Apple’s special situation and now this:


(LINK) WeWork and Counterfeit Capitalism

Good – this part:

Time to Restore Honest Capitalism

Part of what’s going on with WeWork is that monopolies and private equity have eliminated profitable opportunities for investment, which is why the Federal Reserve is increasingly powerless. Republicans like Mitt Romney are noticing that excess capital is harmful. Capitalism itself is breaking down in the face of business models that are simply organized around loss-making and endless access to the small number of (largely) men who can enable unlimited access to the capital markets.

Across the West, the basic problem of a corrupted productive process is becoming a quiet crisis. The reason is simple. The people that do the work in organizations are increasingly excluded from the decision-making about the work. That is why Boeing is losing its ability to build planes, why we can’t build infrastructure, and why New York City is on the verge of disaster. And the cherry on top is investors pouring money into enterprises that aren’t even speculative, but are purely loss-making, because they find a destructive personality like Adam Neumann compelling.

That’s why Neumann was given an unlimited charge card and a license to abuse his employees. As it turns out, the S-1 was correct; he was pivotal to WeWork, because WeWork only exists due to his ability to get money from investors.

It’s a good thing Neumann’s stepped down. And if we restore laws against predatory pricing and centralized financial control, the entire counterfeit capitalism model will go away. We can then get back to the business of making and selling things to each other without engaging in celebrated cases of fraud and abuse under the guise of ‘quirkiness.’

WeWork and Counterfeit Capitalism

(LINK) Neither, and New: Lessons from Uber and Vision Fund – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

Sounds like Ben is shifting his stance quite a bit.

Will be interesting to see that change.

Neither, and New: Lessons from Uber and Vision Fund – Stratechery by Ben Thompson:

Going forward I plan to be a lot more skeptical about other tech startups that interface with the real world and the attendant drag on margins that follows; I am not saying that the category isn’t viable, and technology truly makes these companies different than the incumbents in their space, but they are not necessarily tech companies either.