(LINK) A champion of Filipino food gets new life

I miss Kevin but get to enjoy his writings via his newsletter.

Hopefully we can get him to leave all the sports crap out.


A champion of Filipino food gets new life

(LINK) Dark emerges from stealth with unique ‘deployless’ software model | TechCrunch

There is always the promise of a new way of building stuff.

I am always dubious of a new way that requires a new language.

I also wonder how tweakable it all is once launched – can the devops person adjust it at the GCP level or is a roundtrip needed to go from editor to launch?

Interesting times.

Dark emerges from stealth with unique ‘deployless’ software model | TechCrunch

My own eCommerce experiences in Singapore

We see a lot written about eCommerce and what all the startups or vendors say. However let’s talk about my experience.

I basically swear by Amazon Prime when it comes to customer experience. I won’t argue for selection since that is personal preference anyway but all the basics I want are there and they get shipped to me 2 hours after ordering. The app shows the entirety of the process from start to finish. Bravo.

I also like how I can order stuff from the USA with no shipping costs. Plus I get Amazon Prime Video.

Every once in a while I use Lazada and it works but I think the UX sucks and I only order from official stores.

Shopee is the same for me but the website is better IMHO but stupid they don’t have an app in all the app stores so I can’t use the iOS app. I ordered from an official store recently and the item was in my hand 2 days later but the site and/or email gave me no updates at all. This is why I like Prime – I see all the steps.

Recently I was looking for a particular small appliance and it turns out the best price was at Courts and Best Denki but on my Sunday excursion I did not find the appliance it any of the stores. When I came home I ordered it online from Courts.

The website is okay but you just know that eCommerce is not their focus. My payment information was not there from the last purchase and there are too many steps to checkout. What’s silly is I get an email saying order is being processed. No information on date or delivery time. Today I get an email letting me know it is being processed – I guess they think I didn’t know. I replied asking for the date and time but was told that they have to process it first.

This is why Amazon usually wins. They use tech and they service the customer. Upon completing my order I know when the item will arrive. With Courts I don’t know until – they call me! Yes. I order online specifically so that I don’t need any human intevention to receive an item at my house apart from maybe saying hi the delivery driver.

This post was interrupted by the customer care call from Courts for me to pick my time slot. Wouldn’t have been easier to message me and allow me to click and pick my delivery slot. You did message by SMS and email to confirm my slot – why so hard to use the same tech to allow me to pick the slot? Better yet – why can’t I pick the slot during the order process?

Just to give you a sense at how bad the Courts online tech is:

Screen Shot 2019 07 29 at 10 51 29 AM

The first item is over 2 years old and yes it was delivered – one would think it would show that in the UX.

The 2nd item is the latest one which when I click on that doesn’t even show me my confirmed time slot or even options to let me adjust it.

Not sure what the purpose of the online ordering is since after you order they mostly conduct the TX over the phone which kind of defeats the purpose.

Courts – call me if you need some help. 🙂

Tech is coming folks – even for Courts.