The best TWIA episode yet!

Been crazy busy folks and have been neglecting my blog a bit. Sucks.

A ton going on. Spent some time with Mike Walsh and even created some content for his Tomorrow Network. That was fun!

Then been working on something that is a huge first for me. We made a TV commercial for Koprol. The traffic since then has been insane! Was a crazy project and have been learning a ton but amazes me how the TVC can drive so much online traffic. Shocking.

Also had a nice get together at Yahoo! the other week and had a chance to meet Craig White of MIH. Very cool guy with some awesome stories. Rather than explain it here I will point you to TWIA where we had him on as our special guest. This is another example where the western world or silicon valley has probably rarely heard of Craig, MIH and Naspers but yet they are a huge piece of the internet ecosystem.

Alrighty then. Back to work and will try to blog more.