(LINK) Daring Fireball: Playdate

Daring Fireball: Playdate:

Playdate website

This is so cool. Amazing how these guys innovate and come up with something no one is doing.

I am guessing this will be a huge success.

I noticed the founders have been traveling to Asia more – now we know why.

Dell Education Chromebook

Been wanting to get my son a laptop since I don’t think an iPad makes the best machine given the lack of keyboard and I wanted something cheaper for obvious reasons.

The school does a lot of stuff with Google so figured a Chromebook makes the most sense.

I use Wirecutter normally to hone in on things but unfortunately Wriecutter is totally made for the USA – something I am hoping they could get better at under NYT. Example would be showing links that work for the region you are in or highlighting stuff that ships globally.

Fortunately for the Dell Education Chromebook – Amazon will ship it to Singaore.

Use my link though – for obvious reasons. 😉

Dell Chromebook 13 3380 6TXJ4 13.3-Inch Traditional Laptop (Black)

Will let u know how it goes.