My day with Ratan Tata

I’ll start with this write up from TIA.

A day with Ratan Tata//

Yesterday, Jungle Ventures, hosted a morning with Ratan Tata and the founders of their portfolio companies – then later in the day an event with their LP’s.

I was allowed to tag along and spend some time hanging with the crew.

This is the second time in my life I have met him but this time I was offered a whole day and a chance to speak with him directly for a bit while we had lunch.

First off, I am just stunned by how humble he was and extremely gracious with his time and thoughts.

The article highlighted his frequent response of “I don’t know”, but it was usually his response to an unclear or unconcise question. Or a question he just didn’t have an answer to.

That being said he always had advice or thoughts but just did not always give a specific answer. He was more into the theory or lesson to be learned in discovering your own answer and any advice he could offer to enhance your discovery.

I could go on and on with what I learned and the stories around Nano, Land Rover, Jaguar, and just running a huge org were priceless.

I was further stunned to catch him in the lobby, alone, carrying his hotel reciept after checking himself out. 

Just a man of the people. Which is sometimes hard to grasp given his stature.

It further cements his advice about ethics, empathy and solving real problems of the world.

I am still in awe.