I was sitting at a dinner with some VC’s and a LP talking about the region.

This came up:


I chatted a little about Yahoo and Koprol. How Yahoo totally blew it and this closing of Indonesia R&D was the signal for the slow, ever continuing downfall of Yahoo.

At the same time the Koprol deal kicked off the SEA deal making phase and created a group of techies that are slowly infiltrating the region working for startups or startung them. Or hanging at the mall.

I won’t try and list names. You all know who you are.



Gruber nails the Netflix posturing

It is exactly what I have been saying – they don’t have the feature. It may well be they don’t even have the rights for offline – those are obtained separately and not part of a standard OTT package of rights.


So what do you do if you don’t have offline viewing – you say no one needs it. It is too confusing. It won’t work well.

The you ship it at some point heralding it as the best thing since shipping DVD’s to people in the mail.

Getting by in Singapore w/o a car or motorcycle

Singapore has awesome public transit – no question, but sometimes I just have to get somewhere in a hurry or work is paying and I need a cab.

I used to always use comfort SMS booking – in fact it is still the most convenient way to book a cab. sms postal code. Done. Kills all apps hands down.

Then Uber comes. I tried Uber black a few times and it’s awesome but a waste of money. I tried the other cab services and mostly they all suck but honestly – they are just cab aggregation apps that aggregate the same shitty cabs that like to tell me they don’t have change, their machine is down or they grumble about where I am going. So yes – there is an app for that. If what you want is cabs. I don’t.

About the only product as of late that works for me is UberX. It is cheaper than cabs and seems to be more readily available apart from peak times – which is a still a big Singapore issue. Now some will say – check out GrabCar – the non-taxi product from GrabTaxi.

Let me tell you how that went:

Order GrabCar
Argued with driver about where I actually was
App crashed
App restarts showing I have no booking
Called driver – still coming but thinks I am somewhere else but since no app I can’t confirm where he is going
Text driver – no response
Call driver – no answer
Call driver – no answer
Call driver – driver hangs up

I sms driver to say go to hell

GrabTaxi has the worst apps ever. I am still baffled where all the millions go. Durians I guess.

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