Real Things

First post of the new year – I have decided that less is more in general. The idea of always being plugged in, turned on and consuming info is just weird to me. So in consuming less I am probably going to produce less, quantity that is, but I think less is more. We shall see.

Having tooled around Northern Thailand this past few days I feel even more convinced that GPS devices are awesome but could do so much more. I found myself using the iPhone and the GPS to find stuff and drive. Searching with iPhone – getting there with the GPS. The GPS guys could fix this since I don’t see that getting there with the phone is an option.

Been spending some super quality time with the rents the past few weeks – been awesome as usual. It always reminds me that time is the most valuable thing in life. I think the tech world tends to not value quality time and we just spend more time in front of a machine pretending to socialize but truly not socializing at all. Pathetic it is. So time is important and doing things you love with people you dig is all that matters. Wealth just makes that easier but wealth for the sake of just having money makes no sense to me. Having money and no time is also painful.

Being part of this problem myself I find that so much of what we do is just not real – only bytes of information that many times has nothing tangible to show for it. Hence being with family, reading, riding the bike and making a meal just feels so much more real. Which is why I love when something internet related leads to real things.

Nothing seems to be doing that better right now than Kickstarter and with all the hype over companies worth millions but actually don’t make anything I want to bring the attention back to real companies.

I helped with Diaspora which got me a t-shirt – a very real thing.

My iPod Nano watch kit – TikTok. Very real and BTW I think the people complaining about the iPod as a watch are being premature since this is the first pass at real wearable computing – imagine this thing having a map or making a call someday. Apple will be there first and I would rather have an Apple product strapped to me than something Microsoft or Google would come up with.

I was getting a Kickstarter email update and the founder mentioned this company – I had to have a pair. They look cool, are made in America and seem to be tackling a real problem – there are no good flip-flops anymore. Teva has lost its soul, sad but true and most of the other stuff either falls apart, reef, or is just not comfy – Croc and Havaianas.

This stuff looks awesome and if it means this company gets off the ground then even better. Sign me up. Can’t want to get my pair with my name on them.

So if the internet can help real people make real things for real usage – I am stoked.

Now – let me get back to generating some bytes.