The out of Towners

When in Sunnyvale I usually walk to work. Save gas, get some exercise and fit in a podcast or two. This is the same habit I share with my time in Singapore – except it’s cooler in Sunnyvale.

There are a few crosswalks I have to navigate that don’t have a stop light. Usually no one stops but the few times someone has – they are driving a car from out of State.

Is this new post-terminator California?

Back to NPR…

#openhackindia 11 recap!

It is monday and I spent fri,sat, and sun helping with OHD India 11. What an awesome event.

Sure there were glitches, hiccups and plenty of chaos but that is also the part that makes it all that much better when the end result turns out to be so awesome. I think there were over 600 attendees, 100 plus hacks submitted, 100’s of helpers, mountains of food, open bar, swag and lots of smiles all around.

Some flickr photos…

more on Twitter… in fact the topic trended for a few days. Some will say due to the issues but I think it was due to how busy the place was and all the chatter in and outside of the event.

All I know is I met a lot of good people there and talked to a lot of them who told me many times how much fun they had.

General list of hacks here

Congrats to the winners, some flying to NY, and a huge thanks to all the people who helped at the event.