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Totally agree with this!

A look at the value of having a personal web site in 2019.
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(LINK) Not! – Michael Smith Jr. – Apprentice VC

Recalling my first post since I am using it to remind myself of how far I have come.

Not! – Michael Smith Jr. – Apprentice VC

Since I started blogging post my F&B career to rejoin the tech world, I have been using WordPress. 

This post is dated October 24, 2009.

It’s great that although I have moved my WordPress around a few times – the imports always work. I am using WordPress VIP know cause I don’t want the hassle and I wanted HTTPS – plus ease of upgrading. WordPress is the best and if you are thinking of writing or blogging, own your site.

Notice the logo. I was actually sitting in a conference – I think it was when Andrew Hyde was in Singapore if I recall. I was settling into my new Yahoo gig, and I was already hearing about the whole Asian thing around Key Performance Indicators. I honestly didn’t know anything about them, but I did the logo, or my brother did, and I started the domain nokpis.com. Of course, no one knew what it meant or realised it was about NO KPI’s. 

I think of podcasting. I have considered an email newsletter. 

But I think I will stick with the blog. 

10 years is coming.


Good tweetstorm on portfolio management stuff

This is a good one. Been through trying to figure this stuff out. It isn’t easy.

Singapore’s Bet on Tech Startups Gains Ground With 150 VC Funds – Bloomberg

Singapore’s Bet on Tech Startups Gains Ground With 150 VC Funds – Bloomberg

I won’t get into the numbers but I am sure it is possible.

Not sure volume is a good thing but it does show that if you want to do stuff in SEAsia related to startups, VC and corporate innovation that Singapore is the best spot.

Hands down unless you have specific focus in a country or a vertical that is better in a specific spot but if you are looking for a central hub then look no further than Singapore.

Customer Service wins again

Old post here about customer service :: https://seedvc.blog/2013/10/07/a-startups-secret-weapon-customer-service/

I am reminded of this due to a tweet I saw today:

Bottom line is that performing amazing customer service is the best form of marketing ever.

You will retain customers which is cheaper than buying new ones and word of mouth will bring you new ones.

Plus you and your employees will feel better about what they do.