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This year marks my 20th in Asia. Yeah – I’m old.

In 1999 I started a short term stint in Hong Kong working for BEA Systems (bought by Oracle). Originally I was with WebLogic which was bought by BEA. See how that works? I assumed maybe a few years to learn about Asia, study Chinese and then get back to California. Right…

I did 4 plus years in Hong Kong, spent some time in Beijing, moved to Bangkok for 5 years and then found myself in Singapore.

During my BEA years I would travel weekly in Asia and would find myself in Singapore every other month or so. I will admit then to not really liking it but hey, I was living in Hong Kong and at that time of my life it would be tough to beat Hong Kong. 

However now I find myself much older, raising a family and want to focus on my career. For all of those goals, I find Singapore tough to beat. My kids are in the public schools, I am a PR (ogling to be a citizen), and the tech scene here is awesome.

I imagine I will be here for many more years and then maybe somewhere else in the world that I have never lived in.

For now though, Singapore is home and I dig it.

The link below is a pretty good read for stuff to do and see if you have not been to Singapore much or didn’t know about these places.

A local’s guide to Singapore – The Washington Post

(LINK) Asia Tech Review: September 9 2019 | Revue

Always a fan of Jon and his writing.

We got to hang again for breakfast – always a good chat. I think we need to do a breakfast meetup. 😉

Asia Tech Review: September 9 2019 | Revue

I like this part in this week’s newsletter:

And finally… on the future

Visiting Singapore always gets me thinking. This week it was triggered by Bloomberg’s ‘Sooner Than You Think Event’ – as the name implies it is focused on current companies, tech and trends that will impact the future.

It didn’t take long to notice how so many of the faces on stage for interviews were people who I had met/got to know years ago when their companies were much smaller. Now they are the big guns, and I can think of countless others who weren’t at the show but fit that bracket.

Southeast Asia and tech are on such a growth spurt that it propels founders and startups. That’s not a bad thing at all, but it is quite something to see familiar faces consistently on stage at events, on TV interviews, or managed by large entourages such has been their rise.

The last five years have seen so much growth that it is impossible to imagine what the next five or ten will bring. Putting aside the tech and business models, I can say with certainty that many of the biggest companies/founders of the future are already active in the region today. That may sound obvious, but it is easy to lose perspective. (I’m not alone in thinking this.)

A recent report from Golden Gate Ventures – an investor in tech startup, of course – predicts “at least 700 anticipated startup exits between 2023–2025.” While, in the here and now, a new report from Preqin shows an increased interest (and activity) in Southeast Asia from global investment firms.

I’m not in the business of predicting numbers, but it is clear it’ll be a heck of a ride. That applies to tech anywhere in the world, but I do think it’ll be even wilder in Southeast Asia where the region is moving upwards despite challenging global conditions.

(This is also why I joined The Ken, I believe we need more analysis and thoughtful commentary. Shameless plug over.)

I think that the growth in the SEAsian tech scene over the next 10 years, even with a possible slowdown, will be much bigger than the last 10 years.

Singapore will continue to be a factor and the center of the SEAsian growth story.

Pretty amazing to see the folks that are becoming big players in the scene.

Also fun to he hear and be a part of it all.

Singapore and Tech

Yesterday I had the pleasure of listening to the Deputy PM at the Mint Asia Summit.

No country is perfect but I appreciate listening to him and his honest views on education, taxes, taking care of the elderly plus his views on tech.

Then world is probably going through a global downturn soon and maybe even a total recession but I am happy to be anchored to Singapore for the coming global era of change.