(LINK) Q&A: Travelfish’s Stuart McDonald on the OYO and Instagram problems plaguing Southeast Asia | PhocusWire

Missed this one – thank to Jon for pointing it out:

Q&A: Travelfish’s Stuart McDonald on the OYO and Instagram problems plaguing Southeast Asia | PhocusWire

(LINK) Why Google will own travel

Without any doubt – this is the best website for travel info to SEAsia :: https://www.travelfish.org/

Google pretty much dominates search and their power over the internet and information retrieval is immense.

I am Stuart and crew are not the only ones suffering. At some point the world’s governments need to do something about the absolute power of big tech.

Google recently revamped its suite of travel services, a move that some in the travel industry believe will entrench its market power.
— Read on www.afr.com/chanticleer/why-google-will-own-travel-20190705-p524jf

(LINK) Skift Top Travel Startups to Watch 2019 – Skift

Congrats to Travelstop team – awesome stuff.

Skift Top Travel Startups to Watch 2019 – Skift:


Money Raised: $1.2 million
Headline Investors: SeedPlus

Skift Take: TravelPerk and TripActions are popularizing cloud-based business travel management in the U.S. and Europe. The startups offer services for high-growth, midsize businesses that are too small to hire full-service travel management agencies but too large to cope with travel booking hassles on their own. Travelstop aims to bring a locally relevant and uniquely sophisticated version of this concept to Southeast Asia. It can cope with local tax issues and preferred payment methods, and it can offer bookings on most regional and budget carriers. CEO Prashant Kirtane previously co-founded Travelmob, a vacation rental booking service that Expedia Group acquired in 2015.

Turkey Thoughts

On holiday in Bodrum and enjoying the weather, the food, the company and just chilling.

I am averaging about 5-6 Turkish coffees per day. We have a proper machine in the house and a packet of Turkish coffee is about 2 SGD. Heaven.

In general I am eating way too much but the meats, cheeses and breadS are to die for. And quite affordable.

One things I do miss though is fast internet, affordable 4G and NFC payments. Most places the internet is in okay but always feels delayed. It was cheaper to turn on my M1 roaming than to purchase a local SIM card since the card was about the same prices as my roaming but only for 8GB. I have 150GB with my M1 plan. Easy decision.

Lots of places take credit card but it’s chip based and they don’t work with Paywave or Apple Pay which sucks cause I am so used to using my phone for payments everywhere. I wonder why this is just not a thing here given it’s phone friendly place and there are machines everywhere that have the Paywave symbol but usually don’t work.


Anyways. Back to the food.

Prashant Kirtane out to make Travelstop unstoppable as agent of change in unmanaged corporate travel in Asia – WIT

This one is a bit longer with some good interview questions:

Prashant Kirtane has launched his new startup, Travelstop, to become the “Slack of unmanaged corporate travel” for SMEs in Asia.

— Read on www.webintravel.com/prashant-kirtane-out-to-make-travelstop-unstoppable-as-agent-of-change-in-unmanaged-corporate-travel-in-asia/