Apple highlights best photos shot on iPhone around the world – Apple (Singapore winner)

Scroll down to see the winner from Singapore!

Apple highlights best photos shot on iPhone around the world – Apple

Travelstop :: What we shipped: Baggage purchase, flights interlining, and more

Lots of new stuff but these two are especially useful:

🛄 Integrated baggage purchase
We all know that the cheaper fares of low-cost carriers come without baggage allowance. Earlier we presented you flight options with and without baggage, which wasn’t that flexible. Now, with our integrated baggage purchase, you can customise the baggage you want to add for any of your flights. For example, you may not need checked baggage for your onward flight, but require 25kg checked baggage for the return flight (for all the gifts you may be carrying back for your team). Good news – we’ve made that super easy to do now.

🛫 Flights interlining
Want to book your onward flight on Scoot and return on AirAsia? No problem! With interlining, you can now book multiple carriers on a single itinerary. We do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes, making it super easy to book your preferred flights in minutes. That means you no longer have to spend hours on dozens of websites trying to find the perfect flight.

What we shipped: Baggage purchase, flights interlining, and more

Apple SVPs – All this

Spot in. I have no desire to go to the Apple store and I just hate having to need to any after sales support.

Apple SVPs – All this:

To me, Ahrendts’s five years in charge of Retail has been similar to Ive’s time as Chief Design Officer. The Apple Stores look better than ever, but they don’t work as well as they used to. No one I know looks forward to going to an Apple Store, even when it’s for the fun task of buying a new toy. No doubt a lot of this is due to Apple’s success and the mobs of people milling about, but Ahrendts didn’t solve the problem of efficiently handling the increased customer load.

How to Be a Good Board Member – Both Sides of the Table

This is really good advice.

How to Be a Good Board Member – Both Sides of the Table

It’s funny – there is no training on how to be a good board member.

I have read some books – there are not many on the subject.

I like this one ::

Wonder if there are others.

I keep trying to get better at this and this is why I have always said that VC is an apprentice trade. You learn via doing and it helps to have some folks around you who have done it that don’t mind mentoring. I can’t possibly grok everything so I have to do it to learn which means I am making mistakes as I go.

Good tips in the post – moving to notebooks with a pen is a big one I try to adhere to. Makes you think more and pay more attention to the meeting.