Tidbits from the edge…

I have the great fortune of working a bit around the globe and for now I am back in the states for a while. Always fun to be back and enjoy America! Had a nice Friday night with work friends and close friends in the city. Just finished a weekend with mom and dad in Carmel area visiting my lovely grandmother. Had some good food, a cruise of 17 mile drive and saw some old areas I lived as a kid. Always makes me feel nostalgic and a tad bit older. 😉

Walking around San Francisco I feel like things might be on the verge of getting better but yet there are still so many empty spots and apart from the tech industry I still think there is a large air of uncertainty hanging over the economy at large.

What I am continually reminded of though is just the general lack of customer service that I am spoiled with in Asia. Sure – at times Asia can smother you with service to the point you are shooing service people away but I must admit that there is a genuine sincerity with the service in Asia. I miss it.

In Friday I was in a bar where most of the bottled were hard to see. When the bartender asked for my order I said I wanted a Bourbon but was not sure what kind they had. She snapped at me to tell me that I should know what I want when I order. Okay. Wow. Thanks for being so helpful – I guess I forgot I am just a lowly customer.

Then on another day a friend of mine and I swung into the timbuk2 store. We both just felt that the guy waiting on us was very curt and not all that helpful in telling us the options, colors and if something was for order or was in stock. He wasn’t rude but it just felt like we had to tease every factoid out of him. In Asia the guy would have politely gave us the options and would have worked, gently, to bring us to a sale. I mean we were both thinking of spending money on a bag that we probably don’t need and is not the best priced kit but yet we kind of wanted one. We both left without buying a thing. Hardly a good sales guy.

I have other examples but I don’t want to harp on this but I feel like Asia has a slight bit of an edge when it comes to customer service across most channels and I must admit – I love it.

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