Next stop – AWS

I usually write a blog post when I change gigs. I think that has been the custom here for the 10 years I have been pretending to blog.

I will probably write up more about the transition some day but for now it just is what it is.

Let’s recap the past posts:

Site origin post while I was at Yahoo ::

Leaving Yahoo for Spuul ::

Appearing at HOOQ ::

SeedPlus launch ::

Now I am at AWS and too busy figuring stuff out to write much more but you will still be seeing me in the startup ecosystem.

Till I get settled, things will probably be pretty quiet around here.

(LINK) Stream On 🍿 | No Mercy / No Malice

Good take on streaming but somehow I feel like Netflix will find a way to stay very relevant.

Just got Disney+ working and of course it’s awesome to find so much Disney back content and since I don’t have cable it will be nice to see some of the NatGeo stuff for once.

My NYU colleague professor Adam Alter has conducted research confirming that the most end…
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Waiting for Disney

I have kids and I like old Disney movies so I am excited to try Disney+ but I can’t.

The way they have launched shows you the technical prowess that Netflix has over all these guys. It’s silly to me that Disney can’t go global from day 1 and even their 3 country launch was plagued by scale issues. 

Regardless, people want that product. I know I do.

Right now I use Netflix and Prime Video but will add Disney and maybe, but not sure – HBO.

What I am loving about Prime Video is that all the subtitles are always available regardless of my region. I absolutely hate how Netflix bounds subs to the region – which is silly given people live all around the world in countries they are not from. I wish they would fix this.

Good times if you love to watch stuff – I am digging the new Carnival Row show on Prime for example.