Opting Out Of The Legacy Model – AVC

Opting Out Of The Legacy Model – AVC:

As a homeschooler – I can attest to the reason my parents did it was religious. Also, the high school was far away, and my parents didn’t like the school very much. Fortunately, my dad worked at home, and my mom managed our schoolwork.

Had the internet been around, I am sure it would have made it even better.

I am not homeschooling my kids because one of the things I feel I missed out was the being with other kids, dealing with school issues and having the community.

Not sure there are massive investment opportunities in the space but it will be interesting to see how much tech changes education as we know.

However, at times, I think people should lean on tech less for some issues – like:


On Apple, Love Letters and Educators – Oh My Pizza Blog

Article pretty much nails it.

Buy kid a Chromebook – one login via setup and everything done. My son has google docs, some storage and what this article also misses is with his google login he had easy access to the other tools that he might use. Apple doesn’t have that since they are nowhere near the scale in logins that are used to login to other sites.

This article also doesn’t cover the other tools – recently I noticed the Singapore classroom switch from Edmondo over to Google classroom.

Which of course just sits over the top of google drive and google docs.

Apple makes great hardware but the student version of the laptop I bought my soon was 300 bucks. No pencil needed.

On Apple, Love Letters and Educators – Oh My Pizza Blog