Book Review :: Amp It Up

Link to where to get it in this post ::

Trying to read as much as I can over the break but I am always reminded of the difference in a good book versus an okay book. What happens to me is a good book I can’t stop reading and will keep going back to it day after day till I finish it. A mediocre book, I will try to get through few chapters, skip around a bit and then never finish it. I have a bunch of this books in a bag that I will drop off at the GoodWill store this week.

With Amp It Up. I could not put it down and powered through over a few days. It was great, took a lot of notes and have suggested it personally to others to read.

I won’t reveal spoilers or give you the highlights but here is some the points:

  • It’s not a long read – which is good
  • Frank lays out the points he is going to cover in the beginning and nails all of them
  • Lots of real-world examples
  • Lots of actionable things I can apply to business tactics or leaderships ideas
  • No BS

Most books are too long, talk too much around ideas and are not concise.

Not the case with this one.

Check it out.

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