Turkey Thoughts

On holiday in Bodrum and enjoying the weather, the food, the company and just chilling.

I am averaging about 5-6 Turkish coffees per day. We have a proper machine in the house and a packet of Turkish coffee is about 2 SGD. Heaven.

In general I am eating way too much but the meats, cheeses and breadS are to die for. And quite affordable.

One things I do miss though is fast internet, affordable 4G and NFC payments. Most places the internet is in okay but always feels delayed. It was cheaper to turn on my M1 roaming than to purchase a local SIM card since the card was about the same prices as my roaming but only for 8GB. I have 150GB with my M1 plan. Easy decision.

Lots of places take credit card but it’s chip based and they don’t work with Paywave or Apple Pay which sucks cause I am so used to using my phone for payments everywhere. I wonder why this is just not a thing here given it’s phone friendly place and there are machines everywhere that have the Paywave symbol but usually don’t work.


Anyways. Back to the food.

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