Next stop – AWS

I usually write a blog post when I change gigs. I think that has been the custom here for the 10 years I have been pretending to blog.

I will probably write up more about the transition some day but for now it just is what it is.

Let’s recap the past posts:

Site origin post while I was at Yahoo ::

Leaving Yahoo for Spuul ::

Appearing at HOOQ ::

SeedPlus launch ::

Now I am at AWS and too busy figuring stuff out to write much more but you will still be seeing me in the startup ecosystem.

Till I get settled, things will probably be pretty quiet around here.

(LINK) Stream On 🍿 | No Mercy / No Malice

Good take on streaming but somehow I feel like Netflix will find a way to stay very relevant.

Just got Disney+ working and of course it’s awesome to find so much Disney back content and since I don’t have cable it will be nice to see some of the NatGeo stuff for once.

My NYU colleague professor Adam Alter has conducted research confirming that the most end…
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(LINK) Popular Thai Beaches Pricier Than European Resorts: It’s Not Just About the Higher Baht – Skift

Popular Thai Beaches Pricier Than European Resorts: It’s Not Just About the Higher Baht – Skift

Awesome to see someone tell it like it is for once. I have been saying it for years – the quality is down, pricing is up and some places are completely over done.

Some choice quotes:

A Thai holiday pricing has increased by about 30 percent in U.S. dollar terms and 40 percent euros over the last five years due to the appreciation of the baht and inflation, Diethelm’s Group CEO Stephan Roemer pointed out.

“Hotels at the well-known resort areas in Thailand are more expensive than comparable resorts in Europe. I fear a negative impact in the medium to longer term [six to 18 months) particularly for the leisure market to Thailand,” he said.

However, a guest mix heavily slanted towards Asia has become an issue for some upmarket European guests for whom Thailand also appears to be losing a bit of amazingness. This is due to its political situation and overdevelopment, aside from the structural change in market mix.

“Some of the hotels have shifted their guest mix and sell a bigger percentage to the Chinese market. So the atmosphere in the hotel can change to the point where clients tell us they will not go back. This is a very important issue,” said Ruth Landolt, general manager of Asia365, a tour operating company based in Zurich that crafts tailor made tours to Asia for German-speaking markets.

This is best part:

His top grouse with Thailand — and with neighboring destinations such as Vietnam and Cambodia — is overdevelopment.

Kevan foresees many hotels in Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, and Phuket, in particular, being turned into condos in the next few years due to oversupply and owners wanting a quick capital return. In Vietnam, certain resort destinations are “unrecognizable” from five years ago, he said, while Sihanoukville in Cambodia “is just a disaster on every level unless your focus is solely on low-end Chinese sex and gambling tourism.”

Waiting for Disney

I have kids and I like old Disney movies so I am excited to try Disney+ but I can’t.

The way they have launched shows you the technical prowess that Netflix has over all these guys. It’s silly to me that Disney can’t go global from day 1 and even their 3 country launch was plagued by scale issues. 

Regardless, people want that product. I know I do.

Right now I use Netflix and Prime Video but will add Disney and maybe, but not sure – HBO.

What I am loving about Prime Video is that all the subtitles are always available regardless of my region. I absolutely hate how Netflix bounds subs to the region – which is silly given people live all around the world in countries they are not from. I wish they would fix this.

Good times if you love to watch stuff – I am digging the new Carnival Row show on Prime for example.

(LINK) Police Shut Down Thailand’s Most Popular Pirate Site Following Hollywood Request – TorrentFreak

Jon covered this in the newsletter –

One of the video pirate sites was shut down.

Police Shut Down Thailand’s Most Popular Pirate Site Following Hollywood Request – TorrentFreak

What I am always surprised is how this is allowed to keep running – and it makes money too.

One trick they employ is you can’t see it in Thailand.