Open Everything

My history with things being “open” started in 1999 when I was the CTO for – first Startup to run a real mutual fund out in the “open”.

We raised a huge chunk of change, 17M USD, and when it all failed I got to wheel my Aeron chair down the street to my SF loft. It was bleeding edge for the open trend and was just a bit too much.

Now you see more and more Open Startups – my favorite is:

Fun to follow for the tech, the business advice and watching him consistently grow the company. Impressive.

Now – Open VC. This is super impressive.

I wonder how many more VC’s will do it – guessing not many. Most don’t have those kind of returns so that helps but I think most jut don’t want to share.

I love this trend though and I think as Web3 starts to take hold – more of more of this type of open will happen.

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