Coach Parin (Mehta)

There was a time back in my Spuul days where I got a call from a guy at Google who wanted to help us with our ad stack. We were a small company and usually Google wouldn’t return our calls or spend much time with us. However, Parin somehow come across our site and offered to help. And help us he did.

What started then was a great relationship that has lasted across many of my gigs as I am always bugging Parin for advice. We usually meet for a coffee, a bagel or we go for a walk. I have probably been getting “coached” without realising it and it has become an important method for me to bounce ideas or just admit where I am stuck and ask for help.

But hey – for a while now Parin has also been running a newsletter with weekly coaching questions that prompt a bit of self-reflection. During my peak COVID low points while working at home and just overthinking everything – his weekly emails and prompts have been a nice way to get back on track.

Give it a whirl…

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