I won’t claim to be an expert so when I write about any of this it is for my learning and sharing and discussions with rationale people. First off – it is early yet. We have a long ways to go.

Read this one to see how some of this stuff works, how hard it is and how centralized a lot of it it still is:


This twitter thread kicked off my Matt, of WordPress, is really good. There is a tendency to slam all old stuff in favour of new stuff but we all know everything inherits from the old. So Web3 is building new stuff but a lot of it is built on Web2. I am still struggling with how centralized a lot of Web3 is. Sure there are ways to go really de-centralized but it is not easy and takes a certain level of expertise that most people don’t have.

Best to read the whole thread – I won’t unroll it in the post as it is very long.

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