(LINK) Not! – Michael Smith Jr. – Apprentice VC

Recalling my first post since I am using it to remind myself of how far I have come.

Not! – Michael Smith Jr. – Apprentice VC

Since I started blogging post my F&B career to rejoin the tech world, I have been using WordPress. 

This post is dated October 24, 2009.

It’s great that although I have moved my WordPress around a few times – the imports always work. I am using WordPress VIP know cause I don’t want the hassle and I wanted HTTPS – plus ease of upgrading. WordPress is the best and if you are thinking of writing or blogging, own your site.

Notice the logo. I was actually sitting in a conference – I think it was when Andrew Hyde was in Singapore if I recall. I was settling into my new Yahoo gig, and I was already hearing about the whole Asian thing around Key Performance Indicators. I honestly didn’t know anything about them, but I did the logo, or my brother did, and I started the domain nokpis.com. Of course, no one knew what it meant or realised it was about NO KPI’s. 

I think of podcasting. I have considered an email newsletter. 

But I think I will stick with the blog. 

10 years is coming.


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