Life In A Constant Stream Of Emails And Meetings – AVC

Life In A Constant Stream Of Emails And Meetings – AVC

Very true – unfortunately.

Here are some of my tools/processes:

Internal meetings I used a laptop and just pound out notes linked to calendar entries using

External meetings I use a notebook – I want to be in the meeting, not in my phone or laptop.

Most of meetings I let Evie schedule but I block of lots of time that she can’t schedule so as to make room for myself to think

I have been using Zapier to dump all my calendar entries into a spreadsheet – data mining for the future.

I have a bunch of inboxes and snippets for superhuman – on the desktop, which I prefer for work using a MacBook – I am incredibly efficient and fast with my email now and my inbox is not zero but very small. I don’t care about zero really but I don’t like a wall of email.

This forms the basis for most of my day to day processes.


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