Just Write

Great tweet:

I’ll start off by saying I don’t claim to be a good writer but I aspire to be one. This is why I write.

I also decided long ago to write for myself but publish it. For years I have always run my own blog on WordPress since I wanted to stay on top of tech and own my existence online.

Yesterday my blog was mentioned on ATR :: http://atr.asiatechreview.com/issues/asia-tech-review-march-25-2019-165405

That was a great achievement for me.

There has been chatter about content marketing strategies and VC’s but I wanted to challenge the motive some. If you write to get attention or because you need to market yourself, your authentic self may not appear.

I think it is important to write because you have something to say and you want to express yourself via words.

If you are not sure then just starting writing more since only through doing will it improve.

2 thoughts on “Just Write

  1. I think you write well, and the reason is that your “voice” is authentic – what I mean by that is if I was presented with a series of articles and one of them was written by you, I’d be able to tell which article you wrote because you have a unique voice. So much of what I read (especially on tech) is vanilla aka boring and bland. And you’re right the only way to better at writing is to write (and read :)).


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