ongoing by Tim Bray · Jag Diary 5: The Green Light

The I-Pace is one of the supposed Tesla challengers.

I won’t get into the car since I don’t drive anymore but my view is every major car company will go electric – its inevitable. Once that happens will Tesla still be able to compete – as of late they seem to be doing well. However I am not sure it will be about the cars but about the brand.

The way they sell, service and communicate with buyers is the biggest innovation outside of the car itself.

They re-imagined car buying.

ongoing by Tim Bray · Jag Diary 5: The Green Light:

JLR fail · Du ing the 5-month wait for the car, the number of times Jaguar contacted me: zero. The number of status up dates they gave me: zero. The typical delay when I emailed asking what was up: Days. Mind you, I was dealing with sales people and, from their point of view, the sale was already made.

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