What Is Going To Happen In 2019 – AVC

I am sure you caught Fred’s 2018 review?

Now comes prediction time.

What Is Going To Happen In 2019 – AVC

I have always felt that as the noose tightens around Trump that he would quit before any impeachment process ever kicks off. Let’s see.

I agree if this happens it will project an air of USA instability and that will be enough to take down global markets a notch or two.

I think in VC startup land we are looking at something different but still need to be pragmatic.

I love how Fred describes the long-term view:

But all of that is going to happen at the margin. I expect 2019 to be another solid year for the tech/startup sector as we are in a possibly century-long conversion from an industrial economy to an information economy and the tailwinds for tech/startup vs the rest of the economy remain in place and strong.

Just started reading Homo Dues – A Brief History of Tomorrow. The time it will take for the total digital transformation of practically everything is longer than people think so we have a long ways to go.

Happy New Year!

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