Redefining Intelligent Logistics in Asia | Hive Life

You probably have not heard of Olasso yet. You will soon.

I love how they came up with the name:

When asked about where the name Olasso came from, Seb chuckles. “That would be me,” he laughs. “I’m a big fan of Western films and I was watching Sergio Leone’s The Good, The Bad and The Ugly on a Sunday night while we were still trying to decide on the name. The previous project names we’d been testing never sat easy with me from a marketing perspective – they just weren’t going to work. As I watched Clint Eastwood riding through the Wild West with his trusty lasso hanging freely from his harness, the dots suddenly aligned and I began to draw analogies between logistics and a lasso – a lasso is used to catch and retrieve things, similar to the role of logistics in returning a product. I then experimented with adding an ‘o’ to the beginning as it gave the name visual balance, personality, and added an additional syllable which sounded more pleasant. I jumped on to check the domain name and Olasso was free.”

Redefining Intelligent Logistics in Asia | Hive Life:

Instead, Olasso operates with the understanding that cultivating trust with customers is crucial, offering both convenience and simplicity on a global scale. Pieter elaborates, “There’s still an underinvestment in the post purchase experience and it’s about building a long term relationship with your key customer base. That doesn’t happen overnight.” Having started in March 2018, the company hopes to fill a real gap in the logistics market for global retailers. The three had originally bonded over work at Grana, an online fashion company in Hong Kong, but eventually sought to approach the e-commerce industry from a different angle: “We had accomplished a lot with the systems and solutions with Grana already and saw so many problems we just wanted to be solving, coming from more technical and operational backgrounds.” Pieter continues, “For us, it was really exciting to work on that and find a solution.”

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