Stepping on others as the way to get ahead

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I have written before around the whole Karma thing, being nice – understanding your actions will have results. I took a stab at it once here with some links:

Increasingly in the local ecosystem I find these occurrences where people essentially talk down about others or basically step on someone to get ahead. I guess for some folks they feel taller of sorts by standing on someone else in order to get a better view.

Its easy to do this. If I find myself doing it – I try to catch my words or an action before it is too late it but I would have to be honest enough to admit I slip up more than I would like.

It’s not pretty.

I believe the world works better by being nice, even helpful. We are so accustomed to the dopamine hit of a quick payoff that many times we forgot that the benefits of being nice or helpful may take a long time to have a result but honestly you should feel good during the whole being nice action.

The beauty is in the doing – not the payoff but the payoffs will come.

I like this tweet:

Even outside of startup / venture land it works but it is even more crucial in startup / venture land than most people realize.

I was listening to Scooter Braun the other day on a podcast and he has an interesting practice for his close friends. If they are not doing as well as he is then he buys the yearly vacation. I don’t have that kind of dosh but I get the principle. It forces him to try and help his friends also be successful so that he isn’t always footing the bill. I am sure the money is nothing given his wealth but I like the mantra.

Hopefully we can figure this out in our local startup / land. Paying it forward is a good thing and you don’t have to be an ass to get ahead of the next person. All boats can rise.

Just be nice.

PS. We have a telegram group for our startup / venture land where we try to chat and be helpful.

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