We assume things everyday.

That the bus won’t break down on the way to work.

That I will get my work done in a timely fashion before I head home.

That my friends and family will always be there.

Well. They won’t.

One day you will get a call at 4am, the thing all expats living in Asia dread, and someone will tell you lost someone.

For me it was my older brother. Like that. I assumed I could always continue our ever going FB messenger thread on random shit. I assume I can call him – wish him something or other. It’s not the purpose really – it is just an excuse to say hi.

Well. You don’t need an excuse. Pick up the phone and call your friend or your relative or your mother.

Or your brother if you have one.

Don’t assume they will always be there. Cause in a flash they won’t.

Losing my brother has messed me up a bit. I wasn’t ready for this. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye.

I didn’t know I needed to say goodbye.

I assumed I didn’t have to say goodbye.

Assumptions are dangerous things.

Challenge them daily.

I miss my brother.

I feel bad I assumed that he would always be there.

It’s been one week.

It’s not getting that much easier but I am trying to learn from it.

Stop assuming.

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