20 years of Panic


Really good read from some great people. I totally hope to visit their office if we hit Portland in June.

The post has some great stuff about their 20 years which in and of itself is just amazing. It does suck about iOS and I just don’t see it changing anytime soon. I must admit that I am getting more work done on my Mac and buying stuff for it more often then stuff for iOS. Maybe a mindset of sorts where one thinks they do more of their real work on macOS and are willing to buy more tools for it versus the iPhone. Not sure but this does create an issue for folks like Panic.

However the paragraph that stands out the most for me is this one:

Defining roles is important. What happens when you’re truly a “flat” organization and you have a bunch of incredibly smart people that can all offer valuable input on almost every task happening at any one time? Things can actually slow down a little at times. You want the right people on the right tasks, and you want someone who can make tough decisions and process the possibilities. It’s possible we’ve outgrown complete flatness. We’ll be experimenting with this more into the future, although it’s so tricky — you don’t want people feeling excluded, and you don’t want to extinguish the passion of creating!

I am guessing this is a just a matter of size. When teams are small flat can work but as teams grow one wants process and some level of authority. Flat tends to mean that everyone chimes in or has an opinion which of course takes more time. However people like to be included. Moving from flat to not flat can create the feeling of exclusion. Moving from flat to not flat might be more painful than starting out not flat.

I don’t have the answers and will be watching to see if Cabel posts more on this as Panic evolves.

Stemming from my product days I am always geeking out on managing people in tech. As I moved to VC I find it much easier. I tend to think of the team as more collective or partnership than boss/employee or manager/employee but again I wonder if this is ideal or can scale. Fortunately for VC the teams don’t get that big since a small team can scale in VC given how it works.

As always there is much to learn.

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