(LINK) What Really Happens When You Become an Overnight Millionaire?

Fascinating read. One frame of mind I have is why do rich people have nothing to do? I have never, ever had nothing to do in my whole life. I am not sure I even know how to do nothing but maybe Peter doesn’t either.

Strange he struggles so much to just – struggle.


The other frame of mind is wow – is that what happens when you suddenly get rich? Doubt I will ever know but one would think that you could use that kind of money in so many ways.

What Really Happens When You Become an Overnight Millionaire?:

It also means that in order to trigger that sense of adversity that’s gotten him this far, he has to rough up his life, so he doesn’t get too comfortable. He tries to do this daily, even with small things like carrying his groceries from the store rather than taking a cab. He fasts for 18 hours at a time. He regularly alternates first-class flights with middle-seat coach ones. He forces himself to read, which, with dyslexia, he says, is painful.

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