(LINK) Parenting – AVC

This is a great post and as I only have young kids, I don’t know what it is like when they are grown up. I am excited for it though but of course I don’t want to age that quick yet and I am enjoying the baby.

One thing I like is how he describes the going all in:

I have loved all of parenting; rocking them to bed, the late feedings, changing the diapers, teaching them things, family vacations, the teenage years, leaving home, the college years, and the early adult years.

As I have an 8 month old right now the nights are rough but I also try to enjoy them. One thing I know is the state changes are fast and you miss all the moments more quickly than you associate any sort of suffering from them. I fed her at 3AM and she didn’t really want to fall asleep after that. She was just smiling and relaxing but wanted to be held. I love holding her.

Now it is 5:30AM and I got her back to sleep around 4:45AM. Of course now I am up and might as well get cracking.

Parenting – AVC

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