(LINK) Examining the Super App Strategy in Southeast Asia – Bernard Leong

Of course there is a lot of folks taking on this subject with most of it being regurgitated fodder from press releases or other people with some decent viewpoints but without much research.

I think Bernard takes the subject head-on and offers some history lessons in the process.

No one, and I repeat, no one knows if this is all going to work or if there is even a chance or reason to be a Super App. Don’t get swayed by the over-raising of capital or the supposed metrics since now that we see Lyft and Uber in the public markets we can assume that our local Southeast Asian version are probably not doing any better.

Only time will tell.

We examine the Super app strategy adopted by the ride hailing companies in Southeast Asia. In the same spirit, we want to validate the strategy that are adopted by both Grab and Gojek in comparison to US and China and explain the challenges which these companies has to overcome so that the strategy can succeed.
— Read on www.bernardleong.com/2019/06/09/examining-the-super-app-strategy-in-southeast-asia/

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