(LINK) Farewell Stripe – Raylene Yung – Medium

Farewell Stripe – Raylene Yung – Medium:

We’re building for APAC from APAC, with a localized development team: Every global leader I’ve met is visibly excited when I describe what we are doing and why. Many have spent years sending product requests to other offices (with limited success) or struggling to communicate in both directions. For us it’s still early, but it’s working — our Malaysia beta was launched with many cross-functional team members working together locally.

This is going to be fun to watch. There really is no other large global player like Stripe in Singapore building stuff for the region.

Google is doing maybe a little of this but seems to be only for India as of late.

None of the other global players are doing any engineering work in Singapore at all. 

Stripe is doing some great work – I love this latest announcement :: https://stripe.com/blog/remote-hub

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