More on the know how VC works…

Well – clearly this is the most incendiary post I have written in a while.

The traffic is reminiscent of when I would write my Yahoo flame posts. Or should I say my thoughts about Yahoo management posts.

I was wondering if I took too hard a line given some of the tweets like this:

If people really think that we should just let founders think it’s a charity business – well I rest my case then.

I was heartened to know that my favourite Singapore super angel, Shao Ning, told me that she agreed and couldn’t understand when founders press her and husband just to give them money cause they want it versus having a great business to invest in.

She may have couched it better than me but it goes back to my case – we are looking for great investments, not just places to park money cause it looks like we are doing our job or something.


Let me see who else I can stir up with my next post. 😉

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