Apple in 2018: The Six Colors report card – Six Colors

I have an XR. It is the best iPhone ever. Great size and the battery life is amaze balls. I go all day, hard usage, and have battery to spare by the time I get home. That has never been the case for me for any iPhone.

For the screen is similar to my TV complaints – I don’t like LED TV’s. I still have too old, but awesome, Panasonic Plasma TV’s that I hope never die. Always wished I had bought the biggest version of them while they were still around. The colours are just better to my eyes.

Same way I feel when I look at my XR compared to my wife’s X – I like the LCD more.

But service and support is waning. Even with an Apple store in Singapore the service is no better.

We had a new iPhone X break within 2 weeks of purchase. My rule would if any apple hardware breaks within a month you should get a brand new device. Kind of like a lemon law of sorts. Apple, at the official store, refused and we had to get a new screen.

This week the same phone broke and I didn’t get it fixed at apple since it is out of warranty and it is cheaper to fix elsewhere.

The tech who fixed it showed me that apple did a ba repair job and a cable was pinched that broke but you can’t fix these things. Only new screens.

They suck.

Apple in 2018: The Six Colors report card – Six Colors:

There was effusive praise for the iPhone XR, which brought most of the features of the iPhone X to a lower price. John Siracusa said, “The iPhone XR gives us a glimpse of what a few well-chosen trade-offs can deliver.” John Gruber said, “After spending a few weeks using an XR full-time, I honestly question whether its LCD isn’t better than the XS’s OLED for my needs.”

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