Dyson’s Singapore sling – Nikkei Asian Review

Great look at the Dyson stuff.

BTW – you can pick up the author’s book here. 😉

I still think this is a smart move for Dyson and Singapore is right to try and work with the evolving landscape of trade.

There may be cheaper cities but there is no better city in SEA for a move like this.

Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Dyson’s Singapore sling – Nikkei Asian Review:

Dyson’s decision to move specifically to Southeast Asia is also significant. As China’s overall economic growth slows, many global companies will begin to look afresh at Asia’s other emerging giants for future growth — a point made in The Future is Asian, a new book from author Parag Khanna. For all of the inducements it may or may not have offered Dyson, Singapore undeniably provides a useful base from which to launch future forays into markets like Indonesia and India.

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