How do you DD a VC who issues a term sheet? – grayscale_vc

Interesting list. I won’t say I don’t agree with the list but I think it is missing one big section.

#4 hints at it a little but not directly enough.

Do you get along with your VC is one I would add.

You will be spending potentially years around your VC either in board meetings, in coffee chats or on WhatsApp. I always tell founders to spend some time with the VC over lunch or coffee – just to get to know each other more. 

I don’t think its only a financial transaction but there are lots of other elements involved.

How do you DD a VC who issues a term sheet? – grayscale_vc:

4. Operating Style Connected with value-add is the fund’s operating style. Are they hands-on or hands-off? If hands-on, how many times a month do they like to meet and what do they usually want to discuss. Will they get to know your whole management team or just the founders. And then choose which kind of VC you want for the next phase of growth. It’s preferable that you talk to companies regarding the specific manager within the fund team who’ll handle you post investment.

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