You probably won’t make it to the top – Signal v. Noise

I don’t always agree with DHH. Sometimes I feel he just likes to say something controversial.

But I like this post.

It’s so true. When I look back on all the so called big goals I had or the roles I thought I should have or the places I thought I should live – many of my so called dreams just didn’t pan out. However it was clear that in my haste to chase stuff I wasn’t enjoying the micro leaps and I wasn’t paying attention to the smaller stuff to enjoy in life.

My 30’s was rough. Kind of a blur.

My 40’s are much better but I tend to get regretful about not accomplishing more in my 30’s – whatever the more is.

It is important to figure out your own path and to make sure that each and everyday you react and regroup accordingly.

The journey is the thing and if you don’t enjoy it you may look back and wonder what happened.

You probably won’t make it to the top – Signal v. Noise:

But you do have control over whether you’re doing a good job, as measured by your personal sense of satisfaction in the work. Over whether you’re taking the time to notice, to learn, to improve. That’s the most fulfilling part of being up there, at the top, anyway. The “being good” part. Hell, even the “becoming good” part is pretty amazing, if you play it right.

One thought on “You probably won’t make it to the top – Signal v. Noise

  1. Good advice. I think there’s zero point in using the word, “if” the past tense (other than learning that is). Regret I believe is truly a luxury – who has the time? Rather than regret, I should have, could have, done this or done that – focus on not doing dumb shit twice, and repeat and improve the things that worked. I also believe in enjoying the ride no matter what – it doesn’t cost a lost (except effort) to be creative about what you eat, and also do in your spare time etc. Life is not made up of decade-long arcs; it’s hours minutes seconds – now.


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