The Anchor Tenant – AVC

This is why I am excited about Singapore and think it will remain the leader for the SEA startup scene for years to come.

Singapore is full of anchor tenants in tech and media.

Google, facebook, apple, AirBnB, soon stripe and eventually Dyson will all be here building stuff.

We will continue to see more trailing tech spouses (TTS) which in turn will bring more employees or people who have a spouse working that will use their opportunity to build or join a startup.

The runoff from the anchor tenants is only beginning to be felt in Singapore and around the SEA region.

The Anchor Tenant – AVC:

Malls need anchor tenants. These are the stores that bring the folks to the mall so that they can discover all of the other amazing places to shop that sit between the big tenants.

Cities need the same. Particularly cities that are trying to develop new industries.

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