Stuff to be thankful for!

Let’s start with this:

My wife did an amazing job on this beauty. Thanks babe – can’t wait to get home and chill.

Yesterday I was in a grab coming back from NUH, daughter had a follow up appointment, and I was chatting with the driver about grab and GO-JEK. For the record he was staying with grab since he has premium status and he likes the service. Most drivers I chat with have told me they signed up for GO-JEK already.

The other topic we covered is Singapore and my desire for a Singapore passport. He said most Singaporean’s probably think the USA passport is better but we agreed that most people take Singapore and it’s many benefits for granted.

Health and taxes being foremost for me.

The appointment we had at NUH was 53 SGD all in. I don’t have insurance for the basic stuff so I am using the Permanent Resident subsidized rates. I am sure even in Bangkok the visit would have cost more and in the USA would have been 2-5x.

No healthcare system is perfect but I am continually amazed at how it works in Singapore for PR’s and residents. We did all of our stuff for the new kid under the PR subsidized plan and all of our checkups and vaccinations we will do at the polyclinics.

There are of course issues even in Singapore around rising health costs but when I compare the system to Thailand or USA – there is no comparison. The stay at KK has been amazing and the staff are exemplary.

I am thankful for the new kid and the privilege of getting to use the Singapore health system.

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