The Apple I Knew… – 500ish Words

Totally agree with this one.

I have had 2 new phones that had a issue with a week of buying and both times I had to wait many days and use a loaner phone in the meantime.

Brand new phones. And then I am handed a loaner.

I also get sick of the – we can’t just give you a new phone cause you didn’t buy the phone from apple you bought it from your carrier. Yeah – dumbass. That is how most people get their new phones.

Apple freaking prints bags of money on demand. One would think if I just buy a new phone and it breaks within days that I would much prefer to be handed a new phone rather than wait to get it fixed.

I also know the scale of apple is immense but they have enough cash to solve this.

One suggestion I have is to get off of the 3rd party repair centers and open proper apple repair/warranty offices in each town and keep them separate from the apple store. It’s not the same problem to be honest and why combine it?

Regardless. Apple is a rich company – it’s sad to see them half ass after sales support.

The Apple I Knew… – 500ish Words:

Maybe from a bottom-line perspective it is! But I’m suggesting that there are other things that are perhaps more important than the bottom-line. Some of these things are tangible (customer experience!) some are intangible (customer delight!) — but they all not only add up, but compound to create another insanely happy customer who will never leave your ecosystem. That’s the kind of thing money can’t buy, so I’d imagine it’s certainly worth waiving a $290 repair fee for a device you’re about to deprecate.

Anyway, again, I know I sound a little silly complaining about this. But I also know this is not an isolated incident. And so I’d just implore Apple not to lose sight of their roots here. To sweat the small stuff. To remember that a trillion dollar market cap didn’t just come from people buying $1,000+ phones for the hell of it. They bought them and continue to buy them for a reason. And a big reason is increasingly being overlooked…

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