This post from Fred really smacked me hard ::

Best to read the whole thing for yourself.

In this age of social media it’s always a barrage of seeing whatever everyone else is doing and generally only seeing the good stuff – the stuff that makes you jealous.

In the startup world, when I was a builder, this would happen a bit when I would see another company getting funding or another competitive product doing better than my product.

As a VC, since I have already done more deals than I have shipped products, the pressure feels worse at times. There are tons of deals done per day, there are announcements of deals continuously and there is a feeling that all of them are better than mine.

However, just like social media, I don’t get the details on all the failures, the hardships and the short term pain.

No matter what you do one must focus on the task at hand. Any craft takes time and you have to slog it out day by day.

As Fred says, put your blinders back on and get to work.

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