Breakfast with Gary V

gary_meHad a pretty awesome morning. I have read one of his books and for sure follow his LinkedIn posts. Hard to escape Gary V.

I knew he was coming to town and fortunately got invited to a private breakfast at PropertyGuru. A few of the local luminaries, myself and the PG founders were in attendance.

No agenda. Just a frank discussion about Asia, politics, startup life and Gary’s plan for the future. One thing that is pretty amazing about Gary is what he has created in VaynerMedia over the last few years but also his candidness about his plans. Apart from wanting to own a football team – he has plans to buy up distressed brands and rebuild them. I bet it will happen.

During our breakfast, or basically his every move, Gary has a videographer filming all the time. He says he plans to leave the videos to his family for eventual usage. Amazing if you think about it.

I learned a lot in 60 mins. I had a ton of questions rolling around in my head all day.

Thankfully the week is only half over. I have ideas.

BTW – VaynerMedia is coming to Singapore!


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